Principles for more Effective Automation

Jan 5, 2017 2:51:50 PM | Posted by Rocky Chambers

Programming is a big portion of process control and following principles such as customer collaboration, responding to changes, and emphasizing individuals and interactions can help a great deal in creating a successful project.

Programming is a big portion of process control. Consider these four principles for effective and efficient program development:

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Fuel Gas Purge

Nov 9, 2015 11:11:39 AM | Posted by Rocky Chambers

One of the worst experiences any plant can suffer is the challenge of starting up fired equipment that has been offline for a period of time. 

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Four advantages for state-based control

Oct 1, 2014 5:19:00 AM | Posted by Rocky Chambers

State-based control may increase your workload at first, but the benefits start to kick in and earn their worth quickly.

While state-based control (sequential function logic) generally presents significantly more work, it also provides significantly more benefits. To that end, we’ll pursue a discussion on the advantages of state-based control. It is up to the user to determine if the benefits are enough to justify the cost. For our discussion we will start with a step diagram of a distillation column as an illustration (see Figure 1).

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