Introducing DCS Next

Feb 15, 2012 10:09:00 AM | Posted by Paul Galeski

Last week we talked about a way to handle DCS migration without breaking the bank, shutting down production for months or waiting for results. We said it would change everything. We call it DCS Next.

DCS Next is not just a simple I/O or equipment replacement. DCS Next is a turn-key, comprehensive solution that utilizes a proven methodology to migrate with minimal downtime and lock in the gains achieved with a full sustainment package, all to drive innovation in your systems.

It’s about:
• Taking a fresh look at your manufacturing operations
• Fundamentally improving your manufacturing process
• Understanding the key drivers that impact business needs
• Looking at technology across your entire footprint
• Finding the technology solution that fits you best
• Delivering on time, in scope and within budget
• Ongoing sustainability planning and processes
• Continuous improvement

DCS Next is a combination of three elements:

1. Plan. We begin with a four-step, comprehensive study to define your system boundaries, understand your inputs and outputs, refine your system detail and develop a project plan. The end result is visibility into your real total cost of ownership.

2. Deliver. Our experts will work with you and your staff on the plant floor. We move forward according to your budget, schedule and scope, but remain flexible to meet the day-to-day needs of your operation. Our team of technology experts are prepared to design a complete migration with minimal disruption and downtime.

3. Sustain. DCS Next locks in the gains achieved through your migration with a full range of sustaining services that include a 24/7 call center, preventive maintenance, ongoing support and training for your staff.

If you’re a manufacturer dealing with a legacy DCS system, contact us about DCS Next. Our platform-independent approach ensures you get the solution right for your business. One that includes:

Improved productivity. Use the latest DCS technology in order to tap into your assets, and get greater throughput across your operations.

Increased profitability. Optimize your operability through better control strategies, decreased maintenance costs and increased uptime for higher profits.

Enhanced agility. Improve your ability to react in real time and adapt to constant change, making you a stronger competitor in a global marketplace.

Proven methodology. Analyze your specific needs and pinpoint improvements that can yield the highest returns with our four-step comprehensive study.

Minimal downtime. Depend on us to work around your day-to-day needs, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Ongoing support. Lock in the gains from your DCS Next solution through preventive maintenance and sustaining services that keep your plant operating at its best.

Of course, this is just scratching the surface. Ready to learn more about DCS Next? Go right to the source @ Our site defines the process, includes detailed white papers and brochures and even allows you to chat directly with a DCS expert.

The solution is here. The time to migrate is now. The choice is yours. Go to

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