Four Reasons Why You Need to Attend Our Webinar: Upgrading DCS with No BS

Apr 30, 2012 8:51:00 AM | Posted by Paul Galeski

With budget constraints, fear, uncertainty and doubt, DCS migration most likely feels like a nightmare. But we can make it easier. MAVERICK’s Upgrading DCS with No BS can help you sort through the mess and come out on top. Here are four good reasons to attend.

  1. We’ll Give Straight Answers — There’s a lot of talk about DCS migration. It can be hard for project managers to cut to the chase and get the answers they need — so we’ll provide them for you. OEM’s won’t try to sell you their DCS package at this webinar. You’ll just get what you need: practical information to help you understand the real ROI of DCS migration.
  2. You’ll Get Actionable, Real-World Advice — MAVERICK Founder and CEO Paul Galeski and Senior Consultant for the ARC Advisory Group Peter Reynolds will offer tips and pointers for overcoming the issues surrounding DCS migration. Mr. Reynolds will cover the five most common problems he’s run across in ARC research as well as through his own experience. And Mr. Galeski will present real-world examples of innovation and hard work that increased agility, productivity and profitability during migrations.
  3. You Need to Upgrade your DCS — Millions of dollars and thousands of man hours are at stake. DCS migration isn't a simple rip-and-replace job, it requires intricate planning and detailed analysis from experts. Make sure you do it right so it doesn’t become too costly.
  4. It’s One of the Most Productive Hours You’ll Spend All Year — We know how valuable your time is, so we’re trying to help prepare you for the inevitable migration. This information will help you move your organization forward now, so you won’t hit any road bumps later on in your hunt for a new DCS.

If anyone can provide the advice you need to insure a successful DCS migration, MAVERICK can. We’ve got the industry expertise, as well as the solution — just check out DCS Next. We’ve worked with almost every platform, so we definitely know what we’re talking about. Register now for free and start planning for your DCS migration.