Recap: Round-The-Clock Service Assists with Routine and Incident Related Activities

Jul 26, 2012 4:12:26 AM | Posted by Paul Galeski

No one else in the industry is offering anything like PlantFloor24—the world’s first full-service, platform-independent, 24/7 hardware, software and process support solution. It keeps manufacturing operations online and continuously improving for the long term.CEO/Founder Paul Galeski discusses PlantFloor24 at the grand opening on Tuesday, July 17.

Gary Mintchell, Automation World editor in chief, said it best:

“Technology suppliers have robust service solutions for their own products, but sometimes the finger-pointing about whose system is to blame can override a final solution. Independent integrators such as Maverick are now building expertise to fill that void.”

As we roll out PlantFloor24, you’ll learn more on how this round-the-clock service allows manufacturers to reduce operational costs, augment staff with multidisciplinary skills and improve asset management.

In the meantime, hear from the top automation publications on PlantFloor24 and why it revolutionizes how manufacturers monitor, maintain and optimize their plant.


Topics: 24/7 Operations