Automation Week: The Future of Manufacturing is in Your Hands

May 6, 2013 3:51:00 AM | Posted by Paul Galeski

Safety. People. Business. Technology. In the world of automation, they’re all connected.

In today’s complex automation environments, decisions made and actions taken in one area, such as migrating to a new technology, can sometimes have adverse and unforeseen affects in others, ranging from higher total cost of ownership to concerns over employee training and plant safety.

mav automation weekOrganizations that take an integrated approach to process management and operational improvement—one that proactively incorporates the needs and requirements of safety, people, business, and technology—are more capable of fully leveraging the great power of automation and achieving positive, predictable results in all areas.

Now more than ever before, YOU, the automation professional, directly influence the optimization, sustainability and net profitability of your plant in a measureable way. It doesn’t take super-human abilities to be a key performer and ensure that your decisions in the workplace will boost your company’s bottom line. It takes knowledge and skill.

That’s exactly what you’ll get at ISA Automation Week’s education conference—a modern, enlightened look at new and traditional aspects of manufacturing. You’ll get all the applications-based teaching you’ve come to expect, along with critical insights on how today’s essential operating factors—safety, people, business and technology—affect you every day on the job.

As the 2013 Automation Week Program Chair, I invite you to join leading automation and control experts, authors, innovators, thought leaders, and peers at the ISA Automation Week conference. Explore six educational tracks in relation to meeting the demands of four essential operating factors: safety, people, business and technology.

To help you achieve your own career objectives and drive your company’s financial success, we’ve worked hard to infuse the conference sessions with a fresh perspective, and a holistic view of automation. Your company and other manufacturers must not only invest in automation to survive in an increasingly competitive global economy, but must also invest wisely, using a top-down approach to identify and execute automation projects with the highest and quickest returns.

If you want to network with the “who’s who” of the automation profession, gain knowledge that you can apply now from renowned industry experts—and have some fun along the way—join me in Nashville for ISA Automation Week 2013. It’s the future of automation—TODAY.

I believe it’s critical for all manufacturers in every sector to think about automation as a driver of business goals. I recently published a white paper on how companies who adopt this strategy can position themselves for success. You can download the white paper here:

Manufacturers, are you up to the challenge?











Join me for Automation Week and help restore competitiveness in your manufacturing operation. See you in Nashville.