Exclusive Webinar: Alarm Management Bootcamp

May 13, 2013 5:22:00 AM | Posted by Paul Galeski
May 30, 2013
12 p.m. EST (9 a.m. PST)
Brought to you by the ISA and MAVERICK Technologies

dark bannerLearn how to whip your alarm system into shape! Two of the industry’s top alarm management experts will share their insight with you in this exclusive (and free!) webinar. These are real engineers presenting real solutions and real results.

Topics Include:

  • Approaches for new and existing systems
  • Seven steps to a highly effective alarm system
  • Alarm management justification
  • An overview of ISA-18.2, the alarm management standard

The Presenters:

  • Bill R. Hollifield, principal alarm management and HMI consultant at PAS
  • Paul Berwanger, principal abnormal situation management consultant and project manager at MAVERICK Technologies

Alarm Management Bootcamp








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