Making an Integration Project both Pretty and Functional

Oct 25, 2016 2:03:01 PM | Posted by Mayann Stroup

Presentation sometimes takes a backseat in the heat of a project, but it’s worth considering because how something appears on the outside has an effect on the customer and their impressions of the work and care that went into creating the final product.

makeitpretty.jpgMAVERICK, like many companies, starts meetings with a safety moment. Recently, we've added the practice of having a quality moment as well, and in one recent case, it delivered an unexpected teaching moment. A coworker was asked to give a quality moment. As a joke, he said, "Make it pretty." He was kidding, and we knew that. Then we started talking about it.

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Five Reasons to Invest in MES

Oct 5, 2016 4:06:19 PM | Posted by Russ Durham

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) can help companies measure performance, improve processes, attain productivity improvements, and acquire a general competitive advantage by being faster and leaner.

In the current economy, manufacturing industry leaders are often determined by their ability to operate more efficiently, with higher quality, and at a lower cost than their competitors.

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MAVERICK is now part of Rockwell Automation!

Oct 3, 2016 10:56:20 AM | Posted by Paul Galeski

maverick_resized_linkedin.pngToday marks a historic moment for our organization. For 17 years, we have been known as MAVERICK Technologies. But from this point forward, we will be known as MAVERICK Technologies, A Rockwell Automation Company.

We’ve joined forces with Rockwell Automation to help strengthen customer support and accelerate the integration of The Connected Enterprise.

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Finding the Right Catalyst to Perfect the Project Team

Sep 28, 2016 2:34:16 PM | Posted by Josh Bozeman

A project team looking to reach the end of a project should look for a team member that can serve as a bridge, or a catalyst, between the technical, sales, and management side to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

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Tips for a Successful ControlNet System

Aug 19, 2016 9:30:00 AM | Posted by John Boyd

Even though industrial Ethernet networks are becoming more common, some users still need to maintain and install ControlNet systems.

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The Smart Manufacturing Revolution

Aug 17, 2016 2:22:45 PM | Posted by John Clemons

Smart manufacturing is having a global impact on the manufacturing industry as a whole and turning it into an economic powerhouse.

Smart manufacturing seems to have the whole world's attention right now. Government leaders from countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, India, China, and the U.S. are banking on smart manufacturing's potential to strengthen their manufacturing industries and their economies with an infusion of advanced information technologies (IT) and a 21st-century business mindset.

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Lessons and Advice to Make VFD Commissioning Easier

Aug 8, 2016 3:54:02 PM | Posted by Dan Auringer

With variable frequency drive (VFD) commissioning, aspects such as design, codes and standards, and the nature of a specific project need to be considered.

How valuable is a reduction in installation and commissioning time? Investigating some of the items discussed below can help users in choosing, configuration, and commissioning variable frequency drives (VFDs). 

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3 Steps to Help Close a Skills Gap

Aug 4, 2016 3:21:03 PM | Posted by Ram Ramamoorthy

Hiring the right employees is hard enough, but how do you also ensure they have the right skills?

If you’re like most manufacturers, your most experienced employees are also those closest to retirement. Replacing them without creating quality gaps won’t be easy or cheap – studies show that without a proper knowledge transfer plan, the cost to replace a senior engineer is between 300% and 500% of the senior employee’s salary. Putting the proper training procedures into place can help ensure no tribal knowledge is lost when your senior employees hand over the keys.

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