3 Steps to Help Close a Skills Gap

Aug 4, 2016 3:21:03 PM | Posted by Ram Ramamoorthy

Hiring the right employees is hard enough, but how do you also ensure they have the right skills?

If you’re like most manufacturers, your most experienced employees are also those closest to retirement. Replacing them without creating quality gaps won’t be easy or cheap – studies show that without a proper knowledge transfer plan, the cost to replace a senior engineer is between 300% and 500% of the senior employee’s salary. Putting the proper training procedures into place can help ensure no tribal knowledge is lost when your senior employees hand over the keys.

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Closing the Skills Gap

Nov 23, 2015 11:04:51 AM | Posted by Ram Ramamoorthy

Manufacturing is gaining momentum in the U.S., but how do we prevent the shortage of skilled workers from bringing it to a screeching halt?

Over the past decade, the manufacturing renaissance has been a driving force in the country’s economic recovery. And it makes sense — after all, every dollar spent in manufacturing returns $1.37 to the economy, and every 100 new manufacturing jobs creates an additional 250 jobs in other sectors. Yet even as the industry continues to pick up speed, the generation responsible for this resurgence is looking toward retirement.

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